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Overview KS4

Core Curriculum

All students take the following 5 subjects; these are referred to as the ‘core curriculum’:

• Religious Education
• Maths
• English
• Science
• Core PE (Not Examined)
All students take a GCSE in Religious Education. As a Catholic School we see Religious Studies as at the core of our school, not only is the subject very successful academically, it also provides important moral and spiritual education which is vital to the development of every child and adult.

All students take GCSEs in Maths and English Language. These two qualifications are the key to future success whether students go straight into the world of work, apply to College or for an Apprenticeship. Most students will also take a GCSE in English Literature as well as the GCSE in English Language.

All students take Science as part of their core curriculum. The core in Science consists of 2 GCSEs – ‘Core’ Science and ‘Additional’ Science. If students wish to take the 3 separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics then they need to opt into this in just one of their choices.

We also expect all students to participate in core PE. If students wish to take a qualification in PE then they need to opt for this as either BTEC or GCSE.

Optional Curriculum

Students make 4 choices. The first choice is from a restricted list of ’English Baccalaureate‘ subjects; after this students make 3 choices from an open list of GCSEs and BTEC subjects. We cannot always guarantee a student’s fourth choice, therefore we ask that a reserve choice is given. Sometimes subjects do not attract sufficient students to make the subject viable; sometimes a subject is over-subscribed. We do everything we can to ensure students get their four choices, however, we sometimes have to use a reserve choice.

All options are studied at GCSE level, with the exception of Sport, Business and Media and IT which are offered as BTEC qualifications or Cambridge Nationals. (These are explained later in the booklet.)

Please click here to see the Options Form, this form is for information only. Please use the coloured form at the back of the pack.